Thursday, May 28, 2009

Military Tattoos

The History Channel is producing a series on Tattoos and Tattoo Culture with one episode being dedicated to Military tattoos.

They have a specific request for WWII and Korea Era Tattoos.

If you are interested, you can submit your tattoo to us at

Semper Fi

Sgt Grit

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Car Show for the Benefit of the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Car show Website, that contains all of the information about this years show to be at the WyoTech Campus, located at 2161 Technology Place, Long Beach, CA 90810 to be held on August 9th, 2009.

We decided to build a small Website Presence so that you can learn a lot more about the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and what it does for our injured Veterans. You can do this by Clicking the Link on the top left of this page.

We also wanted to share with you some photos from last years show. T-Shirts are still available from 1st Annual Show, in L/XL/XX, at a price of $10.00 while supplies last.

This years show should be just as exciting as last years and is LIMITED to 300 Pre 1974 American Cars, Trucks, Special Interest Vehicles and Motorcycles.

We were able to send the fund $6,600.00 from last years show and hope we can double that this year.There will also be plenty of Music, Food, Raffles, and Trophies will be awarded for various categories.

Gates will open at 6:30am. If you wish to park as a group, you must arri ve together. All cars should be parked by 9:00am.

Please no alcoholic beverages.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Letter from the PublisherSHASTA SALUTE TO AMERICA: I am sure many of you are wondering why we are shamelessly promoting an out of area event even so far as to give them our May cover. Speaking as plainly as I can for our entire family of magazines we simply want this event which is just over the Oregon-California border to be as successful as we can help make it. Quick Throttle believes its time that we as riders send as strong a message as we an to the City of Hollister and its feeble minded city and county government that when you cancel as great an event as the Hollister Freedom Rally and in so doing kick us and 100,000 other riders to the curb we won’t be back! Instead we will go where we are made to feel welcome and spend our hard earned money there. Such an event is the Shasta Salute to America Rally. Please help us send a signal to the Hollisters, the Snohomishes and others who think they can continue to inflice absurd “security costs” on us despite the events mentioned having impeccable safety and behavior records. Your attendance at this landmark event that honors our country and our military will send that message loud and clear. Join us over the 4th of July weekend and watch as rally history is made!Northwest PublisherMike Dalgaard

My name is Dan Harris and am the founder/director of the Journey For Freedom. Each year we travel across America to support our troops, honor our veterans past and present, and revere those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
Our goal is to college educate every American child who lost a parent due to war since 1991. (Gulf War) Children, through no fault of their own, that will be without a parent for the balance of their lives. Who knows better then they, the cost of war, and perhaps with higher education will become the leaders of future generations and will lead this world to peace.
We meet Thursday, May 14, 2009, 11 am at the Flag Pavillion, Tahoma National Cemetery, Covington, WA. After a brief ceremony to honor our fallen, we leave 11:30 sharp! The Fort Lewis honor guard will strike our colors.
Please join with us at Tahoma National Cemetery for our “kickoff “ ceremony then ride as far as you can, whether it be just over the Cascades or into Post Falls, Idaho! Our first nights stop at Roadhouse Cycles and Hot Rod CafĂ©. Whether you show for the ceremony, or join in along the route for a while, all are welcome.
After a 3000 mile, 8 ½ day adventure across this country, we arrive at Patriot Harley-Davidson in Fairfax, VA, for a weekend of camaraderie, reverence, and perhaps spiritual reflection. I am struck by the hundreds of thousands of other patriots who make this annual trek to DC to show their support for our troops around the world. Far beyond what you will ever see on the news.
Not mandatory, but everyone who buys a ride package ($125), will receive a 2009 JFF ride shirt this year, a 10” JFF back patch and 3” JFF “Honor our fallen heroes” vest patch, plus JFF ride bracelet, JFF participation certificate, a daily evening meal, some lunches, roadside snacks, water and at this stage, four nights of the eight, free camping or lodging. This helps pay for fuel for the chase vehicle and trailer. Although many perks are supplied for signed riders, all riders are responsible for their own food, fuel, lodging, and insurance. Print and sign ride waiver, and your size of shirt.
If you would like to advertise your name or logo on the ride trailer or motor home, your ad starts for as little as $125. If you would like to donate for fuel or directly to the JFF college scholarship fund, contact us at or send check or money order to: Journey For Freedom or JFF Fund, 11504 Kent-Kangley Rd., Kent, WA 98030. This is for our troops, their children and our future. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Dan Harris / Director Contact:www.JourneyForFreedom.org11504Kent-Kangley Rd. Kent, WA 98030