Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1/5 support


Thank you for taking a second out of your busy work schedule, to read my little letter. My name is Josh Wright I have adopted the 1st Battalion 5th Marines stationed out of Camp Pendleton Oceanside, Ca during Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as Operation Enduring Freedom. I know a few Marines that have deployed back out to defend our country, a third to fifth tour. The Marines they understand the sacrifices & are willing to make them. They are afraid that they will be for gotten well on deployment. Please I would like to see that not happen !! These brave Marines I have had the honor to meet them personally, they are more then HEROES in my book. They are legends !

I was just wondering if your family, friends, church & co-workers would like help support some Marines deploying out? By sending the Marines thick boot socks(size 6-12), underwear (size 32-36) , foot cream, hand warmer pack/heat packs, body wash / lotion, instant hot cocco mix, baby wipes, eye drops, chewing tobacco, batteries, small flash lights, travel size snacks and beef jerky. Those are just a few of the items the Marines ask for. It’s just something to place a small smile on their young faces & let them know we have not for gotten about them. The Marines & troops always enjoying getting letters of support, the Sunday funnies, jokes, magazines likes ( FMF, Maxim, STUFF, car & truck ) care package or anything for that matter from some one they have never met.

Flat Rate priority mail boxes are always a cheap way to go. It cost around $9 - $13 to send a flat rate box, but you can pack it as every as you like. Please make sure to tell the post office you are sending the box to a war zone. They will give you a customs form you need to fill out…. It will ask what kind of items are in the box, just write in candy. The box will get to the Marines a lot faster.
If you would like to donate items …. The locations are listed below.

Starbucks Coffee shops located in Irvine, Ca at : Culver & Walnut, Sand Canyon & 405 shopping center, and Campus Drive across from UCI

American Legion Post #291
215 East 15th Street Newport Beach, CA 92663 Telephone: (949) 673-5070

The Marine Corps career center located right across the street from Downey High & next to PetCo. 8566 E Firestone Blvd Downey, Ca 90241

Josh Wright
Downey, Ca

Monday, February 16, 2009



Video: Wounded Warriors 36MB

Military Videos

Download the video (wmv, 8.18 MB)

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Download the video (wmv, 5.5MB)

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Download the video (wmv, 5Mb)

Download the video (wmv, 1.2Mb)

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Download the video (wmv, 1.3Mb)

Download the video (wmv, 2.6Mb)

Download the video (wmv, 4.6Mb)

Download the video (asx, 8.7Mb)

Download the video (asx, 11Mb)

Download the video (wmv, 10Mb)

Download the video (wmv, 7.8Mb)

Download the video (wmv, 8.5Mb)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Military Moms Make Care Packages as Iraqis Head to the Polls | NBC Bay Area

All -

There is a link to the news coverage of our first Care Packaging for 2009 at the bottom of the page.

Kelly - I see your sweatshirt in there and I know its you! :D
Jim you and I are caught on camera too -
They also managed to catch a glimpse of me putting things in a box, just my arm but I know its my arm because I have on my picture bracelet with Erik's pics on it!
Great job all - and thanks for my new friends who came to help.

Robbie Hansen
Proud Blue Stare Mom of
Army Ranger Hansen
Currently Deployed in the Mideast
(and for those who know my sense of humor:
did pigs start flying? this was done by NBC!!!!!!!!)

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