Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vets take Obama to task


Couldn't come at a better time. Wonder how this goes over with NObama's #2 who supported the Surge? ( a little difference of opinion there)

According to NObama in an interview with Katie Kurik, when she kept pressing him (which was very unusual in itself) about how successful the "Surge" was as he opposed it, he answered that he "didn't know" how well it has been compared to "if we had done my plan"

What a piece of work and what a blow to our Veteran's.

So Vet's taking NObama to task on this one piece is hardly the punishment he should get for belittling our troops and their sacrifice. How's that for some of our military families "kitchen table" talk NObama?

Vets take Obama to task - Yahoo! News

In NO Obama's ever glowing all-knowing wisdom (NOT) he still rejects that it is the strength, endurance, fortitude and honor of The United State of America's military men and women who were "The Surge" that has brought us to the state that we are now at in Iraq. A state where we can begin to draw down. Instead the self proclaimed one spreads the word that it was his suggestion and therefore it is so that we will drawdown. How full of yourself do you have to be to get that message out?

The "one" the NO Obama still asserts that "his" plan would have done better and that Iraqi people are the ones to thank for the violence going down in Iraq.

Well - The Vets For Freedom are not going to take it sitting down any longer. Because our Armed Forces deserve better than NObama kicking their work to the curb - I challenge you to do as their ad requests of you and call NObama and tell him so.

When NO Obama is touting that he will do more for our Vets - how about starting with acknowledging that although NObama disagreed with The Surge and although NO Obama as an IL Senator voted every time against troop funding even when that meant upping the armor on Humvee's - that he "the NObama one" can start acting like a statesman and accept when he is wrong by announcing that our men and women in uniform are the finest in the world and The Surge did work and it was our men and women who DID THE JOB!

Here's the link to the first of what will be many to NObama

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