Monday, February 2, 2009

Military Moms Make Care Packages as Iraqis Head to the Polls | NBC Bay Area

All -

There is a link to the news coverage of our first Care Packaging for 2009 at the bottom of the page.

Kelly - I see your sweatshirt in there and I know its you! :D
Jim you and I are caught on camera too -
They also managed to catch a glimpse of me putting things in a box, just my arm but I know its my arm because I have on my picture bracelet with Erik's pics on it!
Great job all - and thanks for my new friends who came to help.

Robbie Hansen
Proud Blue Stare Mom of
Army Ranger Hansen
Currently Deployed in the Mideast
(and for those who know my sense of humor:
did pigs start flying? this was done by NBC!!!!!!!!)

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