Thursday, July 9, 2009


my neighbor next door put up a small sandbag fox hole / mini bunker. it's an inside running joke between him & I. He is a retired Green Beret 95 - 09 .... IED took him out of the fight.

Anyway he put up a US Army flags / plus his Green Beret flag. Mike is a really cool guy ! I put my USMC flag & my 9/11 flag. Now he put a small fox hole up.... we both have about 1.5 acres of land to play one. So now I want to put up a sandbag bunker .... any ideas ? I got about 200 sandbags, plus a empty 55 gallon drum, lumber & 2 old school USMC helmets. I already made up Skull & Bones signs :)

the pic is an idea of the terrain I'm working with :)

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SiMPLY_SARAH said...

hahaha, wow, must make you guys feel young again. xD