Monday, May 5, 2008

Patriotic Videos to DOWNLOAD

2nd Platoon, "Wolf Pack" - Video

I had a few more extra minutes to put this video together, if your part of the Wolf Pack you'll understand it! Click Here to watch it!

1/509TH OPFOR - Video

Click Here To Watch This Video!

1/509TH OPFOR - Video 18.2 MB

don't try to watch this video with dial up!

Air Assault Salutes You....wmv

Click Here

to save this video to your computer. (File Size: 24.8 MB) After you save it, just unzip the folder and do what ever it is your going to do with it!
Must have Power Point to view it.

A well put together video of some of the muscle flexing done by the Cobra. Click Here!

This is a video of some of our finest in action under fire... Note: Strong Language. Click Here To View Video!

Stryker - Video


EOD EOD1.wmv [ 4.11 MB

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