Sunday, May 25, 2008

Talking With Heroes News

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Our Troops need our support, in an unusual way.

They have stories to tell that most media are not reporting. Please consider listening to this non-political show called "Talking With Heroes"

1. Sunday night, May 25th 5pm PST the first hour of Boots On The Ground
Guests on this program are: Air Force MSGT Craig Colton recently returned from Iraq, Marine Major Dave Sandvold who called in from Iraq,Jo Bradway, CISCO Employee Troop Support Group Al Andres, CISCO Employee Troop Support GroupEve Tidwell, GodBless Ft Benning Organizing GroupEmily Mather, Military Wife of a deployed soldier and with Celebrating HeroesClaudia Pemberton Author of Love Leaves No One BehindGold Star Dad Robert Stokely of SGT Michael James Stokely

2. The second hour of "Boots On The Ground" June 1, 2008 at 5pm PST. Guests on this program are:Alan Gray, Owner of NewsBlaze.ComEmery McClendon, Veteran and founder of ARMAD.Net(Doc) DeLeo with the US Army Corps of Engineers Recently Returned from Iraq Greg Jayhan, Thank our Veterans and HeroesArmy Major Sean Ryan recently returned from IraqPatti Bader, Founder of SoldiersAngels.OrgGeorge Bernloehr, Veteran and VP of Operations with civilianjobs.comColleen Saffron, Wife of a Wounded Soldier and Exec. Dir. lifetransformed.orgDoc Killian, Veteran and Singer - listen here to "To Our Troops"Susannah Meyer, Singer with Trusting Calliope - Listen here to "He's Coming Home"Jill Horn, Singer with Trusting Calliope - Listen here to "He's Coming Home"Suzanne Gorman, Singer - Listen to "We'll Remember"

3. Archives of Talking With Heroes radio shows including interviews, convoys and more from Iraq are available at:
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