Saturday, June 7, 2008


"Sour grapes make great wine"
We're sore losers? Can't accept the outcome of the primaries? We want to "take our ball" and go home? We're racists?

Well, sour grapes make great wine and we are NOT accepting Sen. Obama to represent us in the White House. He doesn't represent us, or grassroots Americans. He represents elitism, class warfare, demagoguery, race-baiting and misogyny. That's his vision for America and the Democratic Party, not ours.

We object to him on many levels, but none have to do with the color of HIS skin. Clearly though he has a problem with color (or lack thereof) and if he isn't outright racist, certainly doesn't mind playing that race card. But it's not even a 'race' card per se, it's a color card. Because we believe there is only one race, the Human race. And people like Obama have been groomed just for this purpose, to use our diversity as a weapon to always have us fighting one another, always keep us divided. We are not accepting that and we are not accepting him.
We will vote for Senator John McCain and help defeat what we believe is evil in our midst and send a message loud and clear that we will be heard and we will not tolerate bigotry, separatism and everything else Obama clearly stands for.
That's who we are...

Volunteers...Who worked for Sen. Hillary Clinton's cause and who donated, gave tirelessly of our time, effort and energy, and watched her bullied out of the campaign by sexism, misogyny, reverse racism and mockery. Sen. Obama now calls the Democratic party "mine" and is looking to do the same with the entire country. We cannot sit idly by while this junior Senator becomes basically the ruler of the free world, with the majority of the House and Senate Democratic, the DNC fawning at his feet, the media worshiping him, and possibly three Supreme Court Justice seats on the line in the coming years.

Should we stay home then, and just fall in line like Stepford Wives? Only if you want to tell the world reverse racism is accepted in the USA, sexism and misogyny have no consequences, ageism and mockery by a president is acceptable, appeasement of terrorism is noble, and the Democratic process is Select your candidate not ELECT your candidate. We will vote for Sen. John McCain not out of anger, not out of spite, but because he is an honorable American who may not speak the most eloquent words, or give the greatest speeches, but when he does speak we can believe him.

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