Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The debates are funny ........ for a few reasons mostly because the candidates are full of crap. The candidates do 1 - 2 things .... the say 10% of what the voters they are trying to get want to hear. They say another 10% of what they think YOU really want to hear, so the can secure your vote. Than they say another 10% of whatever is they want to say, to make them self sound like they know what is the right things to say. They'll stumble around for answers to question people emailed in or are asking in the audience. The best part of the whole night is they will spend 50%-60% of the night trading jabs with each other.

It really doesn't matter who wins ..... for one small reason, in 4 years neither one McCain or Obama are going to be able to change much of anything. They may level the field or they could make things worse ..... nor worse than things are already, but who knows.

The best thing of the debate last night was something Obama said. He spoke about AIG, how the federal government gave them $ 86 Billion to bail out their company. What did AIG's CEO's do right after they got bailout ? They went to Dana Point spent over $444,000.00. Obama said " AIG should have to pay back the federal government the money $ 86 Billion and they CEO's should be fired ! " I about fell off the cough laughing ....... You know as well as I know that is not going to happen, so why making a stupid comment like that.

The Lawmakers for House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform can in invest agate who ever they like. All they are doing is just spending money of the tax payers money searching for answers they already know. It's not like they are really going to do anything to these companies ...... If they stepped in & took control of the companies, took control of their money & kicked the old CEO's out.

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