Saturday, October 25, 2008

DIRECTIONS to November 1, 2008 Grand Opening

In just another week we will be celebrating our grand opening. I want to share with you some background on our speakers and guests and provide directions and other information to keep you abreast.

The directions to:

Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center
145 E. Fig Street,
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Can be seen by clicking here.

To share the invitation with others click here.

No organization is complete without establishing clear direction. Click here to learn ours.

Every journey we take needs a compass or a road map. Click here to view the road map we are presenting to all learners.

On November 1, 2008 we will enjoy meeting new communities and learn more of who they are. In my own travels I have met with many and I reached out to them to join us and to speak at our event. I would like to share how I know all of our speakers.

The local Boy Scouts Troop #755 leader is Mike Zatlin and we have yet to meet, but through our volunteer Bonnie, we connected and welcome his support. I look forward to meeting Mike. I connected with Pastor Jerry Rillings as a result of connecting with Bonnie and the Pastor and I met soon after.

I learned the Pastor is also a veteran and we are honored to have him bless our grand opening.

We are honored to have County Supervisor Bill Horn personally present his Proclamation to SWVBRC. We have never met, but I have met his Communication Director, John Culea at various events I attended. If you haven't visited Supervisor Horn's website, please do. You will be impressed by his service to the County and his commitment to communities.

Our Refuse to Fail theme is highlighted with a very special civilian, the CBS Survivor contestant, Gillian Larson I connected with Gillian many years ago, but until recently I met her at her premier viewing of the TV series Survivor. She has an amazing journey to share with us and emulates the essence of Refuse to Fail. Do click here to learn more about her journey.

When I attended the American Legion National Convention last year at Reno, NV, I had the honor of meeting Coreena Conley, Program Director of Veteran Business Outreach Center Sacramento, CA. Coreena is a civilian and never served with the military, but she demonstrates the energy of so many and has touched the lives of many veterans. It is the commitment of civilians like Coreena that has inspired me to do what I do. I was influenced by her on how best to create this organization. Thank you, Coreena.

Our very first Veteran is Sam Luna-Sanchez, a Fallbrook Resident. Sam responded to The Village News article and we met. We have stepped through the first hour of our orientation and on the 1st, Sam will share his intent to Refuse to Fail and sign the Learners Articles of Agreement. We are honored to serve this Veteran and begin a service that many more Veterans will enjoy.

Our other Veteran Speaker, Bob Mulz, Chairman, ELITE SDVOB, is someone I met this year at the National Veterans Convention in Las Vegas, NV. His organization is a network of Veteran business owners and it gives me honor to have Bob share all that they are doing for Veteran business owners.

During February, 2007, the House Chairman of Veterans Affairs, Congressman Bob Filner gave a challenge to all congressmen to meet with at least 200 veterans. I called his office to meet with him. On February 23, 2007, at 4:40pm, I had the honor of meeting Congressman Bob Filner. I remember our discussion well, with his first words being "what's the problem". That resonated well with me. I welcome the Honorable Congressman to dedicate this center and open our doors to all.

The dedication of the Center will be to Guest of Honor LCdr Carol A. Grice, NC USN Retired. I have known Carol for some time and her lineage is amazing. Bonnie Zepada, someone I haven't met yet, nor does she know Carol, has done so much in connecting us with so many others. Bonnie is going to be part of our dedication and I can't wait to meet her.

If you haven't figured it out yet, my own network stems across all 50 states and several countries. Someday I will meet everyone I know from a distance. The communities joining us on the 1st are from across the state and together we will celebrate our grand opening. I am hoping Linda Sanders joins us from Whittier CA.

You will be amazed at what she and her group have done to get the center ready. You can still contact Frances Lowe – email: or call 760 468-1315 to share your thoughts or pass this on to others to be part of what we do. Whether you are near or far, we are all connected with a click or two.

I am anxious and excited to open our doors and with your presence near or far, together we will eradicate the notion that any Veteran can become homeless. Many Blessings, Al

"We shall not fail or falter; we shall not weaken or tire…..
give us the tools and we will finish the job!"
-Sir Winston Churchill
Albert R. Renteria
Founder and CEO
Chief Warrant Officer-4, USMC Retired
Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center
Where Communities Serve Veterans™
Service Never Ends for a Marine!

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