Friday, December 12, 2008

NEWS: Christmas Comes to U.S. Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

Nationwide Tour to Collect Care Packages
for Troops Serving Overseas this Holiday Season

Sacramento, CA – Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots organization, is conducting a nationwide tour to support sending care packages to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan .

“With Americans focused on the economic problems facing our country, we have to ensure that our troops in harm’s way are not forgotten during the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday season,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

Traveling on the tour will be Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, - whose son Marc Alan Lee was the first Navy S.E.A.L. killed in Iraq . Lee said, “I remember his feelings of pride for serving our country, but also the loneliness troops endure during the holiday season. Instead of celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah with their families, many military men and women will be spending the holidays this year protecting our freedom in far off lands.”

To show the nation’s gratitude and support, Move America Forward’s Debbie Lee and singer/songwriter Diana Nagy (who will perform her hit song “Where Freedom Flies” at each stop) will be on the road encouraging people to send care packages from December 13 – December 19.

Last year, MAF toured the country during the holiday season to collect holiday cards for the troops with the goal of sending 100,000 holiday cards. They collected more than double that amount and hope Americans will show the same support this year by purchasing care packages in which sponsors can write individual notes to show their support. Packages include gourmet Artisan Coffee and Cornerstone Coffee, Oreo Cookies and Jelly Belly jelly beans made famous by President Ronald Reagan.

For those who are not on the tour route, care packages can be purchased online and individual notes can still be included. Orders can be placed by going to the website: and clicking on the “Coffee and Cookies for our Troops” icon.


Sacramento, CA on 12/13
Las Vegas, NV on 12/14
Phoenix, AZ on 12/14
El Paso, TX on 12/15
San Antonio, TX on 12/16
Austin, TX on 12/16
Houston, T X on 12/17
Baton Rouge, LA on 12/18
Mobile, AL on 12/18
Tallahassee, FL on 12/19
Jacksonville, FL on 12/19

“During this emotional and busy time of year, we can’t forget about our troops who are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan . Even though the economic news has focused Americans on the home front, we cannot forget that hundreds of thousands of the finest Americans are in combat zones while we’re around the tree with friends and loved ones,” concludes MAF Chairman, Melanie Morgan.

December 11, 2008
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