Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday Help

It's almost time for the holidays! We have some special ways for you to get involved.

Each year at Christmas, my family adopts a small unit of deployed Marines. Marine Corps Moms hosts Operation Santa USMC on a yearly basis. That is where we originally got involved and if you'd like to adopt your own unit, I'd be happy to send you the MCMom's information. However, this year we've chosen to adopt the unit we've all come to think of as "Bigfoot." We send a Christmas Tree, decorations, hats, candy and snacks, as well as a stocking for each individual stuffed with small presents and Christmas Cards from back home. This is where I need your help! I want to gather lots of Christmas cards for each individual. The following is a list of names and where they are from. There are 15 Marines and 4 civilian translators.

CPT Darryl Ayers
Chalmette, Louisiana

1LT Jake Cosme
Ranch Cucamonga, California

1LT Juan Cabrera
New York, New York

1LT Glenn Cruz-Cancel
New Britain, Connecticut

1LT Ryan Cooper
Jacksonville, Florida

SSgt Larry Voss
Glenn Burnie, Maryland

Sgt Cody Yates
Bowling Green, Ohio

Sgt Victor Fernandez
San Antonio, Texas

Sgt Jaime Luna
Dallas, Texas

Cpl Nicholas Baldwin
Laguna Nigel, California

Cpl Adam Berbric
Palmetto Bay, Florida

LCpl Shawn Kronebusch
Melbourne, Florida

LCpl Benjamin Killman
Carthage, Michigan

LCpl Kevin Marin
Las Vegas, Nevada

There are four Civilian Linguists and they provide invaluable support for these Marines. We want to make sure they are not left out. They are living under the same primitive conditions and are an integral part of Bigfoot.

Omed Sorani
Alexandria, Virginia

Mark Saheb
Montreal, Canada

Moe "Jimbo Gates" Salim
St. Louis, Missouri

Moe Al-Talibi
Montreal, Canada

I am asking for Christmas cards. However, if you would like to donate stockings, a tree, anything, please let me know and you can either ship to me or directly to them. **I need to know what you are sending so that I don't go buy double. Please let me know as soon as possible. My goal is to ship everything by December 8, which gives us exactly three weeks.** Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated! As for the cards, I would like to put them in their stockings. Please do not seal them; just tuck the envelopes closed, and mail them to me in a larger envelope.

Please e-mail me back and let me know what you are sending and I will respond with the appropriate addresses. If you are mailing to me, I will send you my address or if you are sending something such as a Christmas tree directly to them, I will send you theirs. Theirs is also located in the most recent update list that was sent out.

I'm attaching a copy of the October issue (to date, the most recent) of the Bigfoot Gazette.

Lastly, here is a list from 1LT Cosme.

As far as specifics go, I went around to see the junior Marines and asked what would help make the deployment smoother. Hopefully we're not being too needy, but the key morale boosters are MWR type items.

-XBOX 360 Games, (Guitar Hero if you can, this was listed several times, go figure?)
-Actual guitars for the Marines to play when they're not on patrol
-Printers (for their computers)
-Place mats
-Knife set (any real knives to be exact... using plastic for everything grows tiresome)
-Table covers (all our tables we built with left over wood, so anything we can throw on and wipe off easy would be great).
-Carpets, rugs, towels
-Blankets (for the upcoming winter, it gets cold out here on the Western Desert)
-Socks (any kind)
-extension cords
-Any and all snacks you can think of

Please let me know how you can help! I'll send out updates as I get information.

Semper Fi,
Holly Wheat
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