Saturday, June 13, 2009

email from IRAQ

To whom it may concern,

Good Morning my name is RP3 lewis and I am currently serving my First tour in Iraq . This time of year it’s extremely humid.We arrived here on alsaad in early April. I am stationed with the 2d Marine Aircraft Wing out of Cherry Point , NC . We will be leaving in late October- November time frame. I have received your link from one of my friends and I understand that I can obtain some Care Packages from your organization. I work in the Chaplain's Office and one of my duties is to ensure that the morale & welfare of the Marines & Sailors in my unit are high. We have contacted other organizations, such as the USO, who has supported us with phone cards and Care Packages. Believe me these care packages make a difference to the troops it increases the morale of the unit especially the single marines. The ratio is 25 females: 75 males in my unit.

My mailing address is:

This is some of the stuff we can use: toiletries, snacks , games like nintento ,cd’s, dvds for movie night, for the females bath& body works products, hot chocolate,candy, socks, or mp3 are also welcomed, tshirts, air freshners, energy boosters. I can go on but again these are just examples.I appreciate your willingness to help however you can.

Very Respectfully
RP3 Lewis,Lifa.L
MWSS 271
Chaplain's Office

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