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Save the date - July 4th from 6 - 9:30 PM on the SCPC Patio!Celebrate the 4th of July with our Marines and their families from Camp Pendleton. We’ll have entertainment, a hamburger and hot dog BBQ, and then we’ll watch the spectacular Fireworks show from the San Clemente Pier.
For more information, please contact Chuck Herpick at, 842.1328, or Kelly at 492.6158 X 34 or


We need 200 Prayer Partners for our Marines!Things are changing rapidly for the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion. With the new emphais on Afghanistan, half of the battalion has been sent there to support various other Marine combat units. The roads, paths and hills need to be safe and clear of explosive devices for our troops to navigate by vehicle on foot. "Our" 1CEB Marines are responsible for this very dangerous task, which will be a 7 month deployment.Let's rally behind "our" Marines and bring them home safely with our prayers. Please contact Chuck Herpick at 240.4193 or Kelly King at 492.6158 x34 to get "YOUR" Marine. Pray for him, write letters to him and send gifts to him. What a terrific opportunity to share God's love!


We are blessed to have a number of Marine families call this church home. But in addition, we try to reach out to every Marine that needs a family and a "home away from home." We have a thriving ministry that welcomes home deployed Marines of the 1st CEB, we serve a Thanksgiving meal each year, throw baby showers for expectant Marine wives, gather gifts for Christmas - generally help out where ever we can!
For more information contact Chuck Herpick.


When our Marines come home from Iraq or Afghanistan after a 6 or 7 month deployment, they come home to any empty barracks. SCPC Marine Outreach Ministry is creating Welcome Home Gift Bags for our 1st CEB Marines. We want to give them a Christ-felt welcome home from their long ordeal. We are in need of the following items for the marines returning from Iraq:

From the 99 cent Store:Shaving Cream, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Men's Deodorant, Bar Soap, Razor Packages, Shaving Cream, Men's Shampoo, and Pen & Paper

From Walmart, Costco or other local stores:Large, Single green bath towels ($3-$4), Playing Cards, and Movie Passes

Gift cards or Donations:

Meal cards from local fast food resturants such as Carl's Jr.We accept donations all year round!
For questions or more information, please contact Chuck Herpick at 949-842-1328 or Kelly King at 949-492-6158, X34. Printer Friendly Format
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