Monday, June 1, 2009

email from Sgt in Afghanistan

Hey josh,

whats up ?finnaly made it and soon will be in the fight our area sucks and here just a few items needed letter envelops small writing gear like note books ( no stamp required)
foot powder, deet, stuff against sand flees, mosquitos, and sanitizer bottlez, oh and plenty of socks for we won't have any facilities or electricity for personnal use bottle water misters are a luxery item but not really nessesary but feel so good in this dusty , hot, humid infested place.heavy duty belf suspenders at least enough for 25 Marines
for we are carrying extra ammo and kits, and our mobility is very important when chasing some one , last thing we need is our belt to fall bellow our waist. only have a limited space for extra stuff for we need to be moble

Miss you guys and as soon as we get some thing worked out or get a hook up[ then I will send you some pics of the guys out here.

Semper fi Josh and Jacob

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