Friday, September 19, 2008


CIVIL ENGINEERING {land surveyors} ~ BLAH

It runs in our blood, dad side of the family that is. My great grandfather worked on the Panama Canal, until he got malaria a couple of times. My grandpa was in the 1st Sea Bee's battalion ever formed in WW II, than later he started and ran his own company until he died. My uncle Robert was in the same Sea Bee’s battalion as my grandpa for 20 years, he served in Nam. My uncle Howard has is own civil engineering company that he runs out of his house.

My dad & brother started their own civil engineering company as well. We run it out of our house. My dad & brother share the field work. My brother & I do the mapping on the computers, attending city meet's we all kind of share.

The more I do this ... the more I work on the maps, attend the meetings and try to explain to the clients why their projects isn't moving as fast as they would. The I realize one thing..... I FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT ! I would rather be deployed to Iraq fighting the insurgents one square block at a time or in Afghanistan dropping bombs on the Taliban. When you’re in the military there is always something different you can be doing.... each day maybe bring something new.

When your drawing up grading plans, erosion control plans, profiles, typing out construction notes.... it is always the same fucking thing. Take this line out, add a line here, extend that line here, place more sand bags here, change these construction to this code, make sure your cross section are every 2ft- 50ft ..... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH .... The list goes on. It's just so fucking boring ...... by the end of the day my eyes hurt from looking at the computer. I feel like a zombie by the end of the day ..... I don't want to do anything but close my eyes and go to bed.

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