Friday, September 5, 2008

Troop Group Launches PAC

Thank you for your past posts about Move America Forward, and your support of our troops. We appreciate your help in spreading awareness of our efforts and we hope you will be similarly excited about our upcoming projects. Please find below a release we will be sending to the press on Monday on the new committee we’ve formed to be directly involved in this pivotal election. The website will be functional shortly at and Feel free to email us with any questions, and thank you again for your support.
-MAF Freedom PAC

New PAC Will Elect Candidates to Support Troops, Strengthen National Security

SACRAMENTO-Move America Forward (MAF) (, the prominent pro-troop group, has announced the launch of a PAC, or political action committee, to be known as MAF Freedom PAC ( The PAC will elect candidates to federal office who share the groups strong support for US troops and the War on Terror.

Move America Forward has become known for such projects as the “You Don ’t Speak for Me, Cindy” tour in which military families provided an alternate perspective than that of Cindy Sheehan, and the battle over the Berkeley CA Marine recruiting office, which resulted in TV ads, and several demonstrations, drawing thousands of supporters.

Recently, the group’s “From the Frontlines” telethon explored major applications of new media and raised over a million dollars for their care package program. The program runs year-round and sends coffee, cookies, and other items to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan from individual Americans who sponsor them through their website and include personal messages that get printed on the products.

MAF Freedom PAC will draw on the expertise and experience of Move America Forward and apply them to the political field in this election. Their media savvy and good relationships with many in the conservative community are expected to enable them to play a major role in this pivotal election year.

The PAC will focus on very competitive congressional races, but will also address the presidential race, in which Vietnam veteran John McCain is touting his support for the surge strategy and Sen Barack Obama is promoting his plan to withdraw troops from Iraq upon entering office. Targeted candidates will be announced soon, but the PAC’s website already features many races which they judge to be important and competitive.

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