Monday, September 22, 2008

A very important message from a 1/8 Marine

I received this email and links from Mike Ergo, a 1/8 Alpha Marine, and now a student at Cal-Berkeley. Mike asked me to edit his words but honestly I think that they are just right! I hope you will click on both of the links at the bottom of this email. The first link will take you to a television news broadcast -- an interview with Mike. The second link will take you to a MySpace page that will tell you a bit more about Vets4Vets.

In Mike's own words ---

Once again I have found myself unworthy to speak on behalf of the warriors of the 1/8 Marines. If this helps anyone, share it. If not, don't make me look like a glory hound. I 'm definitely not. I am only trying to honor the memories of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, as an unworthy Marine could only try. I never am happy being in the spotlight, but at least I was able to promote the book by Gary Livingston, " Fallujah, With Honor."

As a member of Alpha Company, 1/8, I don't try to pretend I saw what Bravo company did, but we did support them in their darkest day, clearing houses at night. Hopefully their sacrifice ( and those of Alpha Company) will be honored by my speaking to the media.

Semper Fi,

Mike Ergo

Here is the link:

Vets 4 Vets Bay Are

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