Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin for VP

So if you think McCain made a mistake picking Sarah Palin for VP because of her lack of experience? Sarah worked for two years as a community organizer. She was not paid and did it because she felt her property tax was too high and the city was spending too much money. She organized the people in her town and forced the city council to cut spending and reduce the real-estate tax. She then ran for a seat on the city council, won, served four years and again forced the city to cut spending and reduced taxes again. Then she ran for mayor served four years and again cut spending and reduced taxes. She then served two years on the oil and gas commission. She then ran for Governor, won 60% of the vote and has an 80% approval rating. After being elected she fired the Governors cook and said she can make her own meals. She then disbanded the governor’s security force saying they were not necessary because she carries her own gun and knows how to use it. She then sold the governor’s jet on eBay saying commercial aircraft would work ok for her.

Now let’s look at Bill Clinton. Bill was elected to Attorney General of Arkansas and served four years. He then ran for congress and lost. Then he ran for Governor and won, served four years and lost the election for his second term.

The population of Alaska and Arkansas is about the same. The Alaskan National Guard is 8200 people the Arkansas National Guard is 3000 (the Governor is the Commander and Chief of the National Guard). The state budget of Alaska is about twice the size of the budget of Arkansas. Alaska borders on Canada and Russia, because Alaska, Canada and Russia have a vested interest in the area, it is necessary for the Governor of Alaska to interface with governments officials from Russia and Canada on a regular basis. So who has more experience Bill Clinton 1992 or Sarah Palin 2008?

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